Il Quadro di Troisi Il Quadro di Troisi

Il Quadro di Troisi

1 – Il Giudizio
2 – Beata
3 – Sfere di Qi
4 – Non ricordi

More about Il Quadro di Troisi

Il Quadro di Troisi” is a project by Andrea Noce (Eva Geist) and Donato Scaramuzzi (Donato Dozzy). The record is a colorful ode of an Italian scented vision, overflowing of details and profound intensity. The contemporary world condition, the pandemic in Italy and around the world define "Il Quadro di Troisi" as a unique and right-on-time release. This record is an enigmatic collaboration between the two Italian natives Andrea Noce and Donato Scaramuzzi. Andrea Noce takes lead on the vocals, with Donato Scaramuzzi carving the dreamlike soundscapes of the record. The record was born with a correspondence between the two artists about the late actor and director Massimo Troisi, and this exchange soon became an inspirational source of identification. Andrea Noce’s lyrics are sensitive and multi-faceted, they perfectly cling to the musical phrases and flow like a filmic monologue from the oeuvre of that very Troisi. In a highly creative and confident manner, entire decades of national music history are comprehended and transformed into the here and now. The record takes its cue from the Italo-Disco, Synth Pop tradition corroborated by the contribution of artists such as the legendary Twilight Music co-founder, Paolo Micioni. With "Il Quadro di Troisi", Noce and Scaramuzzi prove their eclecticism, and passion for their home country.

"Il Quadro di Troisi" is a collaboration between Raster and Terraforma. Donato Dozzy has been invited at every edition of Terraforma, tracing a six years performative path in the woods of Villa Arconati, playing both solo and with Voices From The Lake (together with Neel). With this release, the first for an Italian artist on the label, Raster celebrates it's long-standing relationship with Italy and the Italian audience, encapsulated in the label's project 'Electric Campfire' held in Rome for ten years.

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Il Quadro di Troisi Tracklist

1 – Il Giudizio
2 – Beata
3 – Sfere di Qi
4 – Non ricordi
5 – Intenzioni
6 – Raggio verde
7 – Real
8 – Se ne va
9 – On the site
10 – L'Ipotesi

Liriche e Testi di Andrea Noce.

Programmazione synths, drum machines,

composizione elettronica Donato Scaramuzzi.

Arrangiamenti e produzione Donato Scaramuzzi e Pietro Micioni.

Contributo agli arrangiamenti Paolo Micioni.

Registrato a Roma e Berlino tra il 2018 e il 2019,

Mixato e masterizzato da Giuseppe Tillieci all’Enisslab studio di Roma.

Foto in copertina, Guido Gazzilli, giugno 2020, Roma.

Presentato in collaborazione con Terraforma.

Ringraziamenti speciali a Ludovica Ludinatrice,

Georgia Tal & Magliano for Donato’s outfit, Contemporary Cluster Roma.

Publishing Big Doings/Edition Raster c/o Budde Music 2020.

© 2020 raster - artistic platform, all rights reserved, LC 01293


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